Our Year one class

Band Visit

On Tuesday we went to see a band in the gym.

There were drums, the saxophone, a violin, the flute and an air guitar.

The performance was awesome.

I liked the drums because I like playing drums at my place.     Matawai

I liked the saxophone because it is awesome and when you press one button other buttons went down as well.    Jaxon

I like the clarinet because it made a funky sound.    Will



Rainbow Song

We made  up a Rainbow Song for the Rainbow Sisters.

It goes like this.

Apple and banana and radish and peas.

Carrots and beetroot and plums.

I can eat a rainbow, eat a rainbow,

Eat a rainbow too.


Lincoln   Malachy   Nick

Rainbow Sisters

For breakfast we Pour Pop and Peel.

We can peel a banana,an orange, a yoghurt pot or an egg.

We can pop toast, fruit bread or crumpets.

We can pour milk, juice or cereal.

We learnt our intestine is 6 metres long and that fibre in cereal is good for us. 

We all tried cereal before lunch.

I liked the weet-bix.   Ella

I liked the weet-bix too.     Amber

So did I. Tiana


We have all planted our seed heads now.

Some have just sprouted.  Some have grown almost out of the pot!

Mine is the tallest and looks like grass. It has been growing for 5 weeks.  Taris

Mine is just at the top of the pot . It is 2 weeks old.     Kai

Mine is so tall it is bending over.   Brandon

Mine has a rat’s tail. The wheat looks like a mohawk.   Josh

Eat a Rainbow

Today we had the Rainbow Sisters talk to us about eating fruit. We eat fruit to be clever and strong and fast. Red fruits are good for our hearts. Orange and yellow food is good for our eyes.We tasted rockmelon, red capsicum, corn, mandarin and sweet potato. 

I liked the mandarin the best because it was nice and juicy.   Amber

The rockmelon tasted like all different fruits together.  Nick

The mandarin tasted like juice.    Malachy

The capsicum was yummy.   Kael

I liked the yummy mandarin was yummy and juicy.   Alyssa


We learnt the skin was the biggest organ in our body.

Grinding Flour

The Little Red Hen took the wheat to the mill to be made into flour.

We tried to crush up  wheat using different things.

I used hands but I didn’t get much flour.   Matawai

I used rocks and I got some flour.   Amber

I used spoons. It was hard and I only got a little bit of flour.   Tiana

Some other people used hammers, wooden blocks, drink bottles and a rolling pin. The best at making flour from wheat was the hammer.

Matawai, Kai,Amber and Tiana


We made bread using yeast, flour, salt, sugar and warm water.The water had to be the same temperature as our hands. We cooked it in a bread maker. We could smell it cooking. It smelled good. When it was cooked we let cool down and then ate it with butter and honey. It tasted very good.

We like hot bread!

Jade Brianna Jaxon Lincoln 

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